Superwinch ROAM

Unleash the power in your winch with Superwinch's cutting edge, award-winning ROAM networked system.  Built to harness the awesome power of your winch while simultaneously monitoring critical performance data ROAM connects your winch to your favorite smart iOS or Android devices.  The instant you connect to your winch via Wi-Fi, your world will never be the same.

ROAM upgrades your winch by allowing it to communicate.  Using advanced algorithms and in-depth winch analysis, Superwinch has created the perfect winching companion - one that smart enough to warn you of danger by device vibration in real time - while you're winching.

ROAM pairs with smart devices and your winch.  From motor temperature (sampled several times a second) to amp draw to battery voltage and so much more, ROAM hands you the info you need and keep the winch in perfect form.  No more guesswork.


How does it work?
ROAM™ pairs your smart devices and your Superwinch via a secure Wi-Fi network created by the ROAM™ logic box. ROAM™ hands you the information you need for peak winch performance.

Most Superwinch owners can upgrade their winch with ROAM.  ROAM plugs right into your winch's remote socket and includes a small hardware box, motor temp sensor and battery lead extension.  Installation is a snap.

Here are all the things that ROAM monitors:

    • motor temperature
    • run time
    • amp draw
    • battery voltage
    • Estimated Load 
    • Estimated Speed
    • Wireless remote control with a range over 50'
    • Save winch session history
    • Post winch session stats to social media and email
    • live chat through app for tech support
    • toggle between US and metric measurements
    • swipe to pause winching
    • Remote control limited to one device


ROAM Compatible Model Part Number
Talon 2910
Terra 2912
S-Series, X9, S9000 2914
Tiger Shark, LP8500/10,000 2916


 Patent Pending


We've unleashed the beast