Small Accessory Kit 1554

Contains Pulley Block rated at 10,000 lbs, 6' long x 2" wide Tree Saver/Recovery Strap rated at 15,6000 lbs, Rugged 600 denier polyester/PVC Carry Bag, and a pair of Heavy Duty Leather Palmed Gloves. Pulley Block - Designed for winches with a rated line pull up to 5,000 lbs and maximizes the pulling power of a winch. This 10,000 lb pulley block allows the winch to effectively use the power of the “double line pull”. The hook on the pulley block is removed and the winch cable line is run over the pulley. The pulley block hook is then replaced and then attached to a strap wrapped on the forward fixed-object. The hook on the winch cable end is attached to the front of the vehicle being pulled-or to a fixed object close to the front of the vehicle. Warning: Do not use for hoisting. Engineered and Tested in the USA by Superwinch!

Heavy Duty Gloves - Made of leather and cotton. Leather protects palm, fingers and knuckles against wire rope injury. One size - fits medium to extra large hands. Elastic shirred back featured on this style holds gloves securely on hand. Superwinch logo on cuff. Sold by pair. Endorsed by Bill Burke - Bill Burke's 4-Wheeling America www.bb4wa.com

Tree Saver - This 2" wide x 6' long "Twisted Eye" recovery strap can be used on vehicles with weight up to 10,000-pounds. Ultimate strength is 15,600-pounds. Our tree saver strap assembly consists of a twisted loop eye (Type IV) at each end with 1 ½ inch loop eye width.