Truck and Jeep Winch Comparison

Feature EXP Series Talon Series Tiger Shark Series LP Series
Advanced Electronics
Waterproof IP69k
Waterproof IP67
Standard Sealed Electronics
Wire or Rope options
Reinforced drum for Synthetic
Brake located outside drum
Includes roller for wire/hawse for synthetic rope
Can upgrade to synthetic rope in the future
Industry Standard 10.0 in x 4.5 in
Line Speed
Line speed in feet per minute (NO LOAD): 44 62 19 18
Line speed in feet per minute (AT LOAD): 6 5 4 3.5
Included wired with haptic feedback wired with coil cord wired wired
Wireless Available with haptic feedback Avaiable, Certus Avaiable, Certus Avaiable, Certus
Clutch Operation
Freespool turn with auto re-engagement pull and turn pull and turn swivel
Outstanding Features
Lighting Task and Socket/Aux Power lighting
Power Auxillary power port(s)
Accessory Mounting Picatinny Rails Included
LED Warning Light Indicates Winch Status
Haptic Remote Notifications Wired/Wireless Remote Vibrates
Starts at $ $1,086 $621 $359 $299


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