Superwinch Corporate Overview

Headquartered in San Dimas, California, Superwinch is the largest privately held designer, manufacturer and marketer of winch systems and accessories in the world. The Company produces a large variety of winch products including electric winches, power drives, hydraulic winches, accessories, parts and hubs that are sold to both the consumer and industrial end-markets. The Company’s winches have an outstanding reputation in the marketplace for their superior design, reliability and value proposition and have established a loyal following among off-road enthusiasts and industrial OEMs alike.

Superwinch Headquarters San Dimas, California USA



Superwinch develops, and manufactures Winches, Hoists and supporting accessory products for Global Consumer and Industrial markets. Our knowledgeable and professional team understands our customer’s challenges and offer high quality, products that elevate our customer’s performance.


Brief History

Superwinch’s years of experience is unmatched in engineering, designing, building and testing winches for recreation, recovery, industrial, utility and military pursuits. Superwinch's global manufacturing facilities have grown to manufacture a broad range of winches; from electric to hydraulic, worm gear to planetary gear, and lead the marketing in advanced winching control. 

Superwinch builds 1,000 to 50,000-pound capacity winches that can be found in diverse industries and applications across the globe sharing Superwinch's trademark first class design, quality, value and solid construction for safe, simple and reliable operation.


Detailed History

The first Superwinch began as a project of Ford Motor Company.  Our founder, Frank Tolsdorf seized the idea and envisioned a company dedicated to providing the best winches and the best service.  Superwinch was born.

Frank, a marketer, and entrepreneur by trade jumped at the chance to take this project privately and built Superwinch’s first facility in the northeast corner of Connecticut in partnership with a wire cable supplier.  Superwinch soon designed and manufactured a complete line of winches for the pleasure boating market.  The line featured winches up to 8,000lbs in capacity and a powered capstan.

Soon, it became obvious that a great many things could be improved by winches.  Aerospace engineer Ian Dodds joined the company to help keep Superwinch on the forefront of innovation. Superwinch diversified into satellite positioning systems.

Superwinch purchased New England based Mercury Electric Winch and UK based FW Winches Limited (formerly Fairey Winches, a division of the company that built Spitfire warplanes during World War II).  These acquisitions added manufacturing capabilities and expertise to Superwinch’s arsenal.  Superwinch became an instant player in the hydraulic and worm drive winch markets, expanded reach for electric winches and became an expert in overdrive gearboxes for Toyota and Land Rover.

Superwinch pioneered the use of synthetic ropes on winches and was the first to offer a complete winch with the rope as standard.  Citing lighter weight and increased safety, Superwinch became the first to build winches specifically made to resist the unique loading characteristics of synthetic rope. 

In 2015, Superwinch was purchased by Kinderhook Industries, a private equity firm and is currently led by CEO and President Pat Gerard.  Together, the new management team opened a new design facility in Portland, Oregon and continues on a path of global expansion.

With over 4 million Superwinches in the field and production facilities on four continents, Superwinch is the leader in quality winching products.

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Quality Policy Statement:

Westin Automotive Products, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with product and service which meet or exceed their specifications. The necessary tools and resources have been provided to all employees in an effort to keep quality at the highest standard. Our goal is to continually improve quality and service, resulting in total customer satisfaction.



Westin Automotive provides design and manufacturing services for Superwinch military products.