Superwinch Straps

Straps are the smart way to hook up to almost anything without a recovery point.  Expertly crafted to meets safety standards, each strap carries its own certifications.  

Superwinch offers the following straps:

 Strap Part Number, Name Length Ultimate Strength
2517, Superwinch 20' Tow/Recovery Strap 2"x20' 15,600 lbs
2518, Superwinch 30' Tow/Recovery Strap 2"x30' 15,600 lbs
1059 2"x6' 15,600 lbs
2531, Superwinch Tree Saver/Recovery Strap


23,500 lbs
2302284 Powersports Recovery Strap 1"x8, 8,000 lbs


You can also find these straps as part of a Superwinch Accessory Kit:


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