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Awesome Innovation

At Superwinch, innovation is in our blood.  We're always experimenting and  questioning our designs.  In doing so, we've become one of the most award-winning winch manufacturers in business today.











Superwinch is bringing winching to the smartphone.  By creating a wireless network between your winch and your smart device, Superwinch is changing winching forever.  For the first time, winchers can see real-time data analysis of amp draw, motor temperature, run time, and much more.  By hard coding in individual Superwinch winch parameters, ROAM knows your winch and it's limitations; ROAM provides guidance on your winch condition making your winch much, much smarter.

Portable All-in-One Winching

Meet the Winch2Go, part toolbox, part 4,000lbs winch.  By including everything needed for a safe winching operation, Superwinch is solidifying its place as the leader in portable winches.  Of note, Winch2Go also includes shackles and pulley block to achieve an 8,000lbs pull thanks to its clever design.

Redefining an icon: Superwinch S Series

 Known as the "Racers Choice", Superwinch pioneered the trailer winch back in the 1980s and no other winch company even offers a winch designed especially for the trailer environment.  Superwinch has significantly raised the bar for trailer winches with the new S5500 and S7500 winches.
From a smarter design to outstanding features like the foot-activated freespool to the innovative roller-hawse hybrid, Superwinch engineers made sure the new generation of S Winches were faster, quieter and more powerful all while using less battery.  The result is a line of winches that won't let you down.