ATV Winch Accessory Guide

Got an ATV Winch?  If this is your first winch, you'll likely need a winch mount plate that fits a Superwinch to your make and model of ATV.  Typically, these plates are 1/4" steel, drilled for the standard winch mounting (some are drilled for both standard and wide that fit a Superwinch Terra 45) and are designed specifically for a make, model and year of ATV.  Find your mount plate here.
superwinch strap-tree-saver 1 in x 8 ft, 2302284
We consider a tree-saver strap mandatory.  You can use it for almost anything but this super-strong strap goes around trees, bars, anything you might need to grab.  Personally, I carry a tree saver and a longer strap to cover the bases.
Pulley blocks can transform your winch into a pulling beast.  By running cable out and around a pulley and back to your machine, you can increase your pull by 2x.  That can help you get out of some tricky spots.
Bow shackles are what you use to connect your winch hook to a strap or pulley.  These steel parts are built strong and make rigging quick and easy.
A winch line dampener is a good idea to help take out the sting of a failed rope/cable.  With proper weighting (I use extra shackles or rocks) the dampener helps get the cable to the ground.
Superwinch Certus Wireless Remote Control
Remotes can be helpful and even safer allowing you to be in a better spot to winch from.  From quality wireless to ROAM, our smartphone-capable winching app there are some amazing options in controlling your winch.