April 19, 2018

Superwinch's EXP Series winches feature industry-leading design and engineering.  When it came to designing the wireless system for the EXP, Superwinch engineering made some tough decisions to ensure winchers were delighted every time they used the winch.


Secret #1: Every EXP has a wireless control receiver inside. 

Superwinch made the decision to fully pot the electronics - that encases the solenoid and electronics board in potting compound to prevent water damage.  This is standard in the military winch world but is rare in consumer winching.  The question quickly became, would adding a wireless receiver that waSuperwinch Electronics Boardsn't potted make sense for the user?


Superwinch engineers decided the right answer was to include the wireless control receiver with the solenoid and electronics board.  This way, all EXP electronics would meet the same standard for waterproofing and so, each EXP Series winch includes the wireless board and only a remote is needed.

This means there is no box to mount, wire up or hide.  Check out the EXP Wireless remote here.




Secret #2: EXP Wireless Automagically times out. 

Parasitic battery drain keeps us up at night.  Superwinch engineers hate systems that have a parasitic drain, a slow drain that leaves batteries dry.  Most wireless systems have an on/off switch to eliminate the drain if users remember to shut it off.


Besides drain, wireless systems that remain "active" can be a safety hazard.  Unintentional winch activation can be hazardous and we take extraordinary measures to make sure your winch only winds when you decide it is safe to do so.

Superwinch solved both issues by having the remote automatically time out after a specified period.  This prevents parasitic battery drain and unintended winching without imposing anything on the user.  Simply hold down the two buttons on the remote to reactive it, and you are ready to start winching.


Secret #3 - keep it small.

  Superwinch engineers worked hard to get the size requirement of the remote down to roughly the size of a car key-fob.  The team decided something that was pocketable was ideal as rigging up a good pull often requires the use of at least two hands.  The idea of putting the remote down where it could be stepped on, misplaced or forgotten was regarded as a design failure.

So the design features simple two-button operation and a loop for keyring (which we found is great with a handsaver for quick location.

So those are our secrets.  The EXP Wireless system works only with the EXP.  For more information on the EXP check this out.