October 31, 2017

For immediate release:

Superwinch, the largest privately-held winch manufacturer in the world, announced the EXP winch series at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV and with it, 9 patents currently before the US Trade Patent Office for some serious advances in winching.


“The innovation in these winches is staggering,” says David Burns, CEO and company President.  “There’s never been a winch series in the 8k to 18k range with so many premium benefits for the user.”


The Superwinch EXP Series features the following patents pending:

  • Auto-Engage Clutch: This pending patent covers a mechanical solution for winchers looking to re-engage the clutch after freespooling line out. Traditionally, this meant another trip back to the winch for manual re-engagement.  With the new Superwinch application, a simple tap on the winch controller and the clutch automatically reengages the drive gear.
  • Fused Power Port: By providing a fused auxiliary power port for winchers, Superwinch is leading the way in making it easier for lights, compressors and more with the convenience of having a fuse in the workspace, rather than searching all over the vehicle.
  • Waterproof Potting Method: Potting of electronics is the ultimate method to keep water and contamination separate from the delicate electronics that power today’s winches. By creating two potting packs, Superwinch can provide quick, easy and less costly replacements instead of throwing an entire potted assembly away.  Superwinch’s method saves time and money while bringing potted electronics to consumers, not just military and industrial winching.
  • Smart Dual Control: Today’s winches are built to be operated with wired or wireless controllers. Superwinch devised a method that automatically switches between a wired and wireless connection.  The system hinges on sensors in the socket – when a wired remote is plugged in, the winch smartly turns off wireless connectivity.  When the wired remote is unplugged, it begins searching its uniquely paired wireless device.
  • Integrated LED Lights: The nature of recovery winching is a readiness for day or night operation. Superwinch added LED lighting to aid location of winch sockets and ports as well as spot lighting of the drum.  The LED lights are uniquely helpful for in-bumper mounting where natural light is limited at best.
  • Integrated Timer for Onboard Electronics: Wireless winch controllers offer many advantages for today’s wincher. Unfortunately, parasitic power drain can cripple batteries if wirelessly controlled winches are left hunting for a signal.  Superwinch’s solution adds a momentary button that activates the onboard electronics for defined period of time after which, the winch electronics shut down preventing battery drain.


  • Patented Design: Superwinch’s design brings aluminum armor to protect every inch of the new EXP Series. Each casting is optimized for protection as well as aesthetics as a winch can be every bit as good looking as it can be useful. 
  • Accessory Mounts: Often consumers install lights, cameras and more to the front of their vehicles with winches. Doing so often obstructs view of the winch drum, which is detrimental to safe winching.  Superwinch’s solution mounts picatinny rails to the winch and accessories can mount securely and easily to the winch without obstructing views of the drum.


About Superwinch

Superwinch’s 47 years of experience is unmatched in engineering, designing, building and testing winches for recreation, recovery, industrial, utility and military pursuits. Superwinch's global manufacturing facilities have grown to manufacture a broad range of winches; from electric to hydraulic, worm gear to planetary gear, and lead the marketing in advanced winching control. 


Superwinch 1,000 to 50,000 pound capacity winches can be found in diverse industries and applications across the globe sharing Superwinch's trademark first class design, quality, value and solid construction for simple and reliable operation. Learn more at www.superwinch.com.