Superwinch LP 10000 12v Winch - Steel Cable - 1510200

Superwinch's LP10,000  winch is designed to outperform those cheap winches while making it easy on entry-level buyers shopping with excellent value. Meeting the rugged demands of off-road and utility use, the LP10,000 introduces price conscious buyers to the quality, power, and performance advantages of the Superwinch brand. The LP10,0000 is a great winch for those looking for a 10,000lb winch class performer. 
Bold Features
  • 12VDC/5.1 hp weather-sealed series wound motor with a 10,000-lb pull rating
  • 85' of 3/8" steel wire rope with heavy-duty latched hook and rope thimble and automatic, mechanical load holding braking
  • 12' rubber handheld remote for safe operating distances
  • Weather-sealed solenoid and circuit breaker
  • Powder-coated 4-way roller fairlead and a free spooling lever action clutch
Power On Demand
The Superwinch LP10000 series winch is the perfect blend of power, versatility and value for users new to winching, but with medium-heavy horsepower needs. Suitable for both 4x4 vehicles and utility use, it features a planetary gear train with a gear ratio of 235:1, an impressive 10,000-LB pull rating, an efficient 5.1 horsepower series wound motor, 85-feet of durable 3/8" steel wire rope, a heavy-duty powder coated roller fairlead and a rubber remote with a 12' switch cord.

Entry Level 4x4 Winching Power
The Superwinch LP10000 series winch is designed to accommodate the needs of entry level 4x4 and utility customers who need substantial pulling power. The LP10000 winch is designed to fit most any 4x4 vehicle, as well as trailers, RVs and similarly sized vehicles. Its ease of use also makes it an excellent utility winch. Along with a powerful 10,000-LB line pull rating via 85-feet of 3/8" steel wire rope and a 5.1 hp series wound motor powered by an easy to establish permanent connection to your vehicle battery, the LP10000 features the power and reliability of a planetary gear train. Additional features include, a lever action freespooling clutch allowing users to quickly disengage the motor and manually draw out as much winch rope as needed, at any time, a standard heavy-duty powder coated roller fairlead (mounting plate sold separately), a heavy-duty latched hook with thimble and a two-year limited warranty.

Important Safety Features
As with all Superwinch products, safety is an important consideration of the LP10000 series winch. With this in mind it contains a wealth of valuable safety features standard. These include automatic load holding and mechanical braking to minimize the possibility of wire rope slippage in the event of power failure or surge, and to provide quick stopping of the drum; a sealed solenoid and circuit breaker protection to ensure safe, reliable, electromagnetic power in all weather conditions; and a rubberized remote switch with a 12-foot extension cable, allowing for safe distances and positioning between the user and winch during off vehicle use.

Standard Features:

  • Powers load in and out
  • 3/8" x 85' (9.5mm x 25.9m) steel wire rope
  • Automatic load holding and mechanical braking
  • Planetary gear train (235:1)
  • Level shift freespooling clutch for fast steel wire rope payout
  • A weather resistant 5.1 hp series wound motor
  • Weather resistant solenoid
  • Durable handheld rubber remote switch with 12-foot cable
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • A heavy-duty latched hook with thimble
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 10" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)
  • 2-year limited warranty
What's in the Box
1-Superwinch 1510200 LP10000 series winch, 1-powder coated roller fairlead (mounting plate not included), color-coated leads for connection to battery, 1-85' length of 3/8 (25.9m x 9.5mm) steel rope, 1-heavy-duty latched hook with thimble, 1-rubber handheld remote with 12' cable, 1-4" handsaver strap, mounting hardware, 1-sealed solenoid, 1-circuit breaker component, 1-users manual.

Note: The brake in this winch is designed to engage at approximately 40% of the rated line pull for off-road self recovery applications. In most trailer applications, you're dealing with a rolling load rather than pulling a dead weight. It is often said that one can probably push your vehicle but most can't lift it. The LP Series winch drum will "coast" after lifting off of the toggle switch in a trailer application as compared to the S5000 trailer winch witch has literally no coast (instant stop). You should select those winch features that you find most beneficial and that allow you to load the trailer safely by yourself. 

Warning: Synthetic rope cannot be used on this off-road winch. Superwinch testing says Synthetic rope can only be used on winches with steel drums designed specifically to withstand the rigorous forces created-by synthetic rope.  For those asking for more reasons consider this: the heat generated by the brake which is located inside the LP  drum exceeds the heat limitations of Dyneema synthetic rope.
 Many of our competitors will sell you a winch with a similar brake in drum setup with aftermarket synthetic rope and will not warn you of the damage which may occur to the winch, rope, vehicle or injury to the winch operator.  
Want a winch that can handle synthetic rope?  Explore the Superwinch Tiger Shark.


Rated Line Pull 10,000 lbs (4,536 kgs)
Motor 5.1 HP, Series Wound
Gearing 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio 235:1
Solenoid Weather-Sealed Solenoid and Circuit Breaker Protected
Clutch Free-Spooling, Lever Shift
Brake Mechanical, Automatic Load Holding
Rope Wire Rope 3/8" x 85' (9.5mm x 25.9m)
Hook Clevis Hook with Latch
Fairlead Heavy Duty, 4-Way Roller
Remote Rubber 12' Hand-held
Dimensions 21.3" L x 6.3" D x 8.6" H (541 mm L x 160 mm D x 218.4 mm H)
Drum Diameter 2.5" (63.5mm)
Drum Length 8.8" (224mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern 10" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)
Installed Weight 83 lbs (37.64 kgs)
Shipping Weight 90 lbs (40.8 kgs)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
UPC 0 22705 00341 4
Line Pull: 0 lbs 90 Amps Motor Draw / 16.0 FPM (4.87 MPM) Line Speed
Line Pull: 10,000 lbs 350 Amps Motor Draw / 1.52 FPM (0.46 MPM) Line Speed

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